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Ever since my childhood, filled with Persian mythology, tales and poems, the Simorgh, a beautiful, powerful bird, dressed in feathers of a million colours, has forged a special place in my imagination. Each time I come back to see him his strength has grown calmly, quietly, but immensely. With each valley I cross, his image changes and mutates.

The 7 Djan project is aiming to be performed live as often as possible.
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Arshid Azarine Trio
Paris, France
Arshid Azarine Trio is a Paris-based band with Arshid's melodies between jazz chords and Persian scales, peacefully settles on a bed of Afro-Iranian rhythms played by inventive southern Iran percussionist Habib Meftah Boushehri and supported bass player Hervé de Ratuld .
The Trio's music wonders brilliantly through diverse sonic landscapes, meditative and beautifully melodic.

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